Company Information

(to be completed by CEO / Managing Director / Finance Director / Director)

Each nomination includes a processing fee of RM 1500. For both Entrepreneur and SME, you will get 10% discount.

"I/We declare that the information submitted to Entries Submission Form is accurate and complete. I/We authorise the Organisers to verify any information including but not limited to information related to our company and/or credit standing from a third-party provider(s) as deemed necessary. I/We agree to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the SME and Entrepreneurs Business Award and such guidelines, regulations and instructions of the Organisers. I/We agree to abide by the decisions of the Board of Advisors and the Organisers and understand and accept that such decisions are final and binding and shall not be contested in any court of law. I/We further understand and agree that the Organisers reserve the rights to rescind the Award and make publicity of such decisions should be Organisers, at their sole opinion, decides that I/We have not been truthful or have failed to adopt an ethical standard befitting a receipt of the Award."
Usage of the SME and Entrepreneurs Business Award name, logo and award title:
Every Award Title offered by the SME and Entrepreneurs Business Awards is allocated after a stringent nomination process to ensure eligibility. Should you/your company decide not to participate in the Award after the nomination and selection process, the following terms apply:
1. You are not eligible for the Award Title proposed by SME and Entrepreneurs Business Awards until and only when a certificate of acceptance is issued to your respective companies and/or individuals.
2. You are strictly prohibited from using the acceptance letter we have sent to you, including posting it on any social media platform and/or using it for such marketing purposes.
3. Failure in complying with these terms will lead to further legal actions that Xhale Asia shall take. The Board of Advisors and Xhale Asia has full and final rights of the Awards category and winners for SEBA.
4. The endorsement of a particular Award shall only be verified once the company and/or entrepreneur receive the original certificate and trophy provided by SEBA.

We agree to the verification of our corporate information by the appointed credit bureau and auditor

We agree to all the terms & conditions applicable